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Your little (or big) Love Bugs would LOVE these....

I love to make things for those I love...these little cupcakes are super easy to do with a few items from your local craft store..You'll need: some cupcakes, buttercream icing, toothpicks, fondant, small heart cutter, #233 tip, piping bags, premade royal icing eyes and a rolling pin. First, roll out a small amount of fondant, about 1/6"thick. (hint #1- many craft stores have very small packages of fondant colors now, #2 no rolling pin? no worries, just use the side of a tall glass). Cut out four small hearts for each cupcake. Sandwich a toothpick between two hearts to form the antenna (see pic below). (Hint- you might need to use a TINY bit of water on your finger tip to get them to stick together well). Set antennas aside to dry a bit. Roll a small bit of fondant into a ball to form the nose. (Hint- don't want to roll a bunch of noses? just use some sixlets, M&M's or skittles instead) Ice your cupcake using tip #233 to give fur texture. Put tip down on cupcake gently squeeze, pull up and release.(Hint- no pastry bags or tips? fill a zip top bag with icing and cut a small hole in corner) When your cupcake is iced add toothpick antenna, eyes and nose - Your LOVE BUG is finished! Have a Happy Valentines Day!



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