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The Making of a Minion

Sometimes things are just FUN to do...and this was one of them. I am fortunate enough to be able to hang out with some great kids at Irongate Tulsa once in a while. We've started celebrating their birthdays and this was a kick off party so I wanted to do it up BIG! One of the suggestions that I got from the kids for their party theme was Minions so.....birthday Minion was are some photos of the making of my minion. This was my first standing cake so I went to the experts and used the FABULOUS tutorial from the Royal Bakery in Campbell, California. If you get a chance check out her site. It was also the first time I used ganache. I wanted to make sure this cake was super sturdy so after some research I chose ganache. One of my favorite things on this cake is the board...I know I'm a geek....I'm in love with my new wood texture mat that I found on Sugar Delites great site. He wasn't as difficult as I imagined. And all of the smiles he brought from young and old was well worth the time and effort making him.



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