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My outside the box cakey tools....

Sometimes I just have to be creative and repurpose things...too many cool cake toys and not enough $$$$. Here are a few of my favorite "non-cake" cake tools. Most , if not all are inexpensive and can be found at your hobby store, hardware store, or that place that starts with a W...hehe.


These are my favorite friends right now! They are great for scraping the sides of cakes and making them STRAIGHT! Both can be washed and sanitized and are buildt to last. They definately come in handy for taller cakes. Both came from the hardware store and are well under $10


Here's another GREAT hardware store find!!!! What is it you ask??? Its actually made to cut holes in sheet rock but.....I use it to make my own drums (up to 14" or so). I purchase 1/2" foam board from the craft store (using a coupon of course) or dollar store and use this wonder tool to cut out my round drums. You might need to enlist the aid of your exacto knife to cut all the way thru but it definately works great.


These little egg trays are everywhere now that it's almost Easter...I found mine at the dollar store and use them as flower formers. Sometimes i even use them upside down if I need the petal to bend another way.


This is my SECOND Favorite new tool. I found out about this lovely from the sweet Ms. Nathalie Sorenson of Lucy Cakes...You can find it in the clay section of your local craft store. It's great for cutting fondant & gumpaste. I don't know about you but I never can cut nice really straight lines and this clay cutter is long enough that i can cut nice straight stripes, rectangles ect.


Here's another craft/fabric store find. It's actually a quilting ruler but I use it for lots of things besides just measuring. It's flexible enough that I can use it on round cakes to help straighten our those wobbly stripes, and i has lovely holes that I can use to mark stripes, ect.


Ever have a hard time cutting those dowels or bubble straws exactly right? This sewing gauge is the answer! Insert it in your cake until the red gauge is just below the surface, pull it out and use ithis measurement to cut all of your straws.

Think outside of that cakey box friends!


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