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coconut pecan filling recipe

Some yumminess going on here this morning! Making some coconut pecan filling. I could sit and eat ALL of this stuff with a,,,,restraint.....😄

Here's the recipe that's been adapted from the Joy of Baking

2 cups Toasted pecans 3 cups toasted coconut 2 tsp vanilla bean paste or extract... 1 cup butter cut in chunks 2 cups heavy cream ( or you can use evaporated milk) 2 cups sugar 6 egg yolks.

In a medium saucepan mix together egg yolks and sugar, stir in cream. Add butter chunks to mixture. Cook over medium heat stir constantly until thickened (will coat spoon and when you run finger thru line will stay) remove from heat. Stir in vanilla, nuts and coconut. Let cool completely. This will fill and ice a 6" cake....if you have extra it makes a yummy icing to top brownies!


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