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GOOP! new cakey friend!

Sometimes you stumble across something so simple, so amazing you wonder .....Where has this been all of my cakey life! That's how i felt when i discovered pan goop. Three simple ingredients that you probably already have combined to make an awesome pan release.

Combine equal parts FLOUR:/OIL:/SHORTENING

Make as much or as little as you need. Blend it all together. I use my immersion blender but a stand or hand mixer will work just as well.

It will look nice and creamy like this. Store it in the fridge until you need it. Storing in the fridge ( i use a tall snap lid container and keep the silicone brush in the container) keeps it creamy and the ingredients won't separate. Apply liberally to your pans before baking. I've used this for all of my baking- everything from cake to bread! It works great! NO MORE STICKING! Plus an added bonus- its so cost effective! A batch using 1 cup of all ingredients costs me $1.45 (using name brand shortening) compared to one can of pan release spray which is at least $2.45.

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