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Fast dessert needed!

A couple of days ago I posted on Instagram a lovely box of cookies I did for my husband and his coworkers. 

Truth be told I had a bunch of cookie dough left I did what I always do....I portioned it out and froze it. Well boy am I glad I did! 

Today I turned that frozen dough into something fun for cream sandwiches! It seriously took me not much longer than 45min...most of that time was waiting for my baked cookies to cool! A scoop of store bought ice cream and presto! A fun summer dessert that makes mom look like a rockstar lol! Peanut butter ice cream sandwiches with chocolate & vanilla ice cream 😁

I could have jazzed them up with sprinkles around the side but....I was in a hurry. If you're in a hurry and don't happen to have cookie dough laying around in your freezer- get some slice and bake cookie dough from the store. Bake, cool, scoop of softened ice cream and DONE! 

Happy summer baking 😎

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