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You want me to Sketch?😳

I've been hearing a lot lately about HOW do I sketch something? Most worry that because they can not draw like DaVinci that they can't create a great design. Not true!!!! The truth is the only person who needs to understand your sketch is YOU. Think of it as your cake or cookie road map.Your secret plan for success.

The first part of any design is - inspiration. It can come from anywhere, not just cake or cookie pictures. Think outside the box. Look everywhere- fashion, scrapbook paper, clip art, nature- inspiration is everywhere! Find what excites you! Even if you have restrictions to fit a clients needs, find colors, textures, elements that you love. If you LOVE it - it will show in your final design!

Once you're inspired, you need to organize all of those fabulous ideas that are floating around in your head. How? Sketch! I'm not talking about a master piece, just something you understand. Why Sketch? Well... it gives you a plan, a road map to follow in your sugar adventure. Now I know there are some who can just whip up a masterpiece- not this girl. i find that i work more efficiently if i have a sketch because I've already worked out the how and where of my design. Having a sketch gives me a reference and a chance to arrange & rearrange things before I actually start my project. Occasionally, i redo things when actually creating my piece, but ultimately having a plan saves me time. I know where I'm going and the materials I'll need.

Now don't get all worried about your sketch! Some of mine are barely recognizable squiggles but I can 'read' it ---even if no one else can! I do sketches a variety of ways. I use paper a lot and my trusty crayola colored pencil. If drawing isn't your thing- trace the cookie cutter shapes, use a cake template( you can find some on google, TieredCaker app or make your own) and color

You can also use a digital sketch pad. There are many apps some of which are free! most digital options let you draw and insert images which lets you easily create a great sketch. I use Drawing Pad which is super easy to use and free. Most digital sketching apps also let you print your sketch and email it. So it's super easy to send to clients or print a copy for yourself as a working reference.

Whichever option you choose be sure to leave notes for yourself. I like to notate things like cake tier sizes, colors, materials and techniques- so when i refer back to my sketch I have all that information in ONE place. I typically sketch in a composition notebook...i know high tech. The reason is i can keep all of my paper designs in one place. That way if i need to recreate it...i already have a plan.Having a plan saves time, which saves money.

Now that you have your plan, your sweet road map finished....bask in your glory...then get baking! As always...if you have any me 😊

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