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Stenciling- without an airbrush

Stencils are great! Especially for cookies. They help build depth and layers with little effort. Most tutorials I’ve seen stencil using an airbrush- which works great but....not all of us HAVE an airbrush or want to invest in one. When I started out I loved the look of stenciled backgrounds but didn’t have an airbrush so I started experimenting. First I tried a brush, which didn’t really give me the even coverage I wanted and sometimes I poked it through my pretty cookie icing.😝 After a bit of trial and error I decided to try some makeup wedge sponges that i had. They worked PERFECTLY! Just dab in some gel colors- sponge off excess and start stenciling- so you don’t accidentally poke through your icing- or you can always use fondant if you’re in a hurry 😉 I also found that twisting sponge or using a swirling motion help to get in all of the open spaces....have fun!

Sponge Stenciling

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