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I'm not a what do i do?

I've had sooo many students and friends who say "i can't do that, i'm not a painter". They

gave up before they tried..I wanted to find a way to help them feel successful. I've always loved to paint. I find it relaxing and wanted to share a faster, easier way to do it. That's when I started to play around and came up with "cookie coloring". It's a fast easy way to get a watercolor look on your cookies without having to paint! Just use the cutter to cut out your cookie and bake as usual. Not a royal icing pro? No worries you can roll out some fondant, use the cutter and cover your cookie. Love royal? then just flood your entire cookie white and let it dry. The stencil set makes it easy to transfer the design details to your cookie. Then just color! Check out how easy it is! Stencil/cutter sets are available in my shop

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